It’s A Part Of Me

Writing, for me, is very cathartic.
To be able to let out
How I truly feel,
Without being judged
By the pages of my journal,
Is pure bliss.

As my thoughts flow
From my mind,
Through my pen,
And onto paper,
I let out
A sigh of relief;
Because I know that
The world begins to make
A tad bit more sense to me,
When it’s expressed in words.

My words may be unspoken,
But they echo loudly,
To the heart that comprehends.

So, come,
Journey with me,
Through my mind,
As you read
The words I write.
You’ll be surprised to find,
There’s actually more to me,
Than meets the eye.


ยฉChisengo Kapihya 2019

Today’s prompt, Cathartic, inspired by me. Many thanks to Linda for the opportunity, & for Just Jot It January. You can catch her last post Here! ๐Ÿ˜Š


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